Peakabout Arts – Arts for Wellbeing – all welcome


Peakabout Arts meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 10.30am – 1pm at High Lee Hall, St. Mary’s Road, New Mills, High Peak SK22 3BW. All welcome – our aim is to improve our wellbeing though being creative together, and having fun.

We are an offshoot from Project eARTh, with our own constitution, bank account etc….and we are flourishing! All welcome! It’s FREE.

We have some funding from:

Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health

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July 22nd and August 12th..what’s ON

On July 22nd, we will look at the proofs for our new 2015 lino cut calendar – it’s looking great, and Armelle is doing as fantastic job at the graphic design. Just a few more things to sort out….then off to the printers….

We’ll then ¬†do some collage……………………

On ¬†August 12th, we are going to learn some rag – rugging , with artist Amanda Whewell…so we are bringing in out old T shirts to cut up…

Hi Everybody Yes, I’m still here I’ve had one or two problems just lately but I’m getting there its just that the hill you have to climb always seems longer than the one you went down. But hey I’ve been down lower before and got back. So all I can say is watch this space I’ve been fighting since June two thousand so I’m not going to give in now. Just keep smiling and take care GOD bless you all BOBxx

Starting again!

We seem to have abandoned Peakabout!

This is an attempt to reignite interest! Are you there Bob? Anyone else out there?

We are currently at High Lea Hall with Kooj – learning a bit more about editing Blogs and trying to create interesting copy. Not easy! We are told that humour is appreciated . I will try harder next time!!!

We have to go now.



Yes it’s here so it’ a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all I’m just off to my daughters for a lovely Christmas dinner.

Hope you all have a good day and get the present you wished for.

God bless you all Bob.

December the 25th

Yes, it’s almost here again and like me there will be thousands of people waking up on Christmas day with no one there to say merry Christmas no one to unwrap presents with no laughter just silence like every other day. You don’t even see children out on the street with prams or bikes etc etc why because they are all inside with the latest computer games, We didn’t even have electric when I was a kid sixty odd years ago what would todays kids think if we could send them back to those days for a fortnight. ??? Outside toilets no hot water on tap a tin bath hung on the wall outside brought in for a bath once a week with water boiled in pans over a coal fire ahh the good old days when you got an apple an orange and maybe just one or two toys if you were lucky. Their maybe no one here on Christmas Day but there will be memories going back years and years of how happy we were with what we had.

God bless you all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS

From Bob.