December the 25th

Yes, it’s almost here again and like me there will be thousands of people waking up on Christmas day with no one there to say merry Christmas no one to unwrap presents with no laughter just silence like every other day. You don’t even see children out on the street with prams or bikes etc etc why because they are all inside with the latest computer games, We didn’t even have electric when I was a kid sixty odd years ago what would todays kids think if we could send them back to those days for a fortnight. ??? Outside toilets no hot water on tap a tin bath hung on the wall outside brought in for a bath once a week with water boiled in pans over a coal fire ahh the good old days when you got an apple an orange and maybe just one or two toys if you were lucky. Their maybe no one here on Christmas Day but there will be memories going back years and years of how happy we were with what we had.

God bless you all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS

From Bob.



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