I’ve done it

Hi Kooj,                                                                                                                                      I’ve done it by that I mean I’ve put a new post in peakabout without it going in mine first so I think I’ve solved the problem fingers crossed hope you’ve had a good easter and that you are still blogging away we’ve started on a comic strip now so that could be interesting watch this space.

Hope to see you again Bob.


1 thought on “I’ve done it

  1. Great stuff Bob, I am intrigued to know what the problem was but what the hell – you’ve sorted it out so that’s hopefully the end of it. Good luck with the comic strip, and if you can manage to get the editorial group to sit down together for 10 mins to choose one or two posts that would be good to have on the blog, and get someone / some people to agree to do them, that would be amazing! Take care and I hope you and the others are all keeping well,
    – Kooj.

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