Meet Archie

Archie was born in Germany and came to New Mills, England, with great difficulty due to his tall stature.  The dell where he lives and works is breathtakingly beautiful, it certainly has the wow factor with majestic views in every direction.



Its hardly surprising there is always someone passing by.  Archie does not have the time to stop and talk, he does like to be friendly and helpful though, so he always lets you how how many watts he is producing.IMG_0216

Archie’s life revolves around the river. He sleeps when the water is low and high. Archie loves to work, as soon as there is enough water he starts to play or should I say work, with it.  As he works he sings in harmony with his special friend next door the weir.

Just listen how powerful his voice is


Archie leads this charmed life thanks to a large team of friends and workmates who call each day and keep the water channel free and safe.




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