Calendar Project


Lino printing with artist, Jill Kerr, to produce a calendar. All the prints would be square, same size, with a border, design – what the months mean to us.

I really enjoyed carving the lino, different technique to the wood carving (no hammer!). Having completed my winter tree, I decided to do another lino print and put leaves on so, I could do the four seasons. Yes, like the crochet I was getting carried away again!

4 seasons 001

We printed on to plain and printed paper, and oil pastel washes, some of the prints were painted after printing. So from one lino print a large number of different pictures can be made. Armelle Hatch, Graphic Design Artist, did a wonderful job collateing our prints into the calendar.  All sold quickly, we could of sold many more. Cards have also been made from the prints and are selling well. We have plans to do another calendar, so any ideas for a theme?


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