Ancient Reef Project

We started with a trip to Buxton Museum and Art Gallery the talk was so inspiring that even I got interested in old fossils and ancient history. I was really looking forward to this project as I had tried to teach myself to crochet from a book as a teenager and failed! It did not take long to learn the one stitch we needed and off we went. I enjoyed it so much I lost count of the number of pieces of coral I made. Many wonderful creations were made using other materials too.

What was great about this project was we joined the Boarderland Voices group to do it and the finished work was displayed in Leek. Then our Buxton group did the same project and added to it and it was displayed in Buxton, then New Mills and Glossop. Just as a natural reef would do it is constantly growing, changing, developing. It will be on display at the Castleton Visitors Centre, from March to mid April 2013.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Reef Project

  1. For one week only the reef is on display in the window of Green Man Gallery in Buxton. There will be a free workshop there on Sunday 19th May for anyone who wants to add to the reef and help it grow!

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