5 Ways to Well Being Posters

Kate smiled a lot, was very encouraging and helpful. Great, just what I needed for my first project with the group. I knew I had found something special.

The five ways to well being are a set of simple actions which can improve our well being, created by the New Economic Foundation.

Using different media and mixing them together which I found very challenging, trying different techniques of working we created a mass of work. We split into small teams and using that body of work created the six posters. I think all the time, preparation, thought, discussion and most of all working together in harmony as a team shows through. The postcards were made from some of the work which did not go into the posters.

As originally planned these have been distributed around the High Peak for display in Surgeries, Centres and Libraries. We have also had requests from other parts of the country and as far away as Austrialia. I have seen posters on bus stops, full pages in newspapers advertising this initative, non as colourful, lively and thought provoking as ours. If you would like a free copy (postage charge only) please contact High Peak Community Arts.  http://www.highpeakarts.org



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