Tenth session – but did we get a final score?

Well, after a number of weeks of the group finding their feet with using computers and blogging, at this final session on 14th Feb 2013 we reviewed what we had got up to and the kinds of blog posts we had created (humour, memories, pets, trains, interviews, photography from the internet as well as original photography by ourselves, video embedded in our posts from YouTube and also video filmed by ourselves), and also some of the techniques, methods and skills we had touched on.  Doing so many things in a project means none are done to any deep level, but hey thats what blogging is about – you don’t have to be deep to post up your views, thoughts, activities etc.  On the one hand, we think of this blog like a magazine, on the other hand it could be seen as a glorified noticeboard… but I stray off the path for this post, ahem!

I am amazed at the progress many of the participants have made, though slightly concerned about a few that have been frustrated at times and could have moved further – I wonder how the sessions could have gone better for those?  Well we can discuss this at the evaluation / celebration meeting on 7th March.

The last session was inevitably a session of tying up loose ends – especially photos and videos that were taken but never posted on the blog – but also various questions some of us had about how to do this or that.  I also wanted to get as many people to get their own email account, so Sarah helped out and got herself, Sheila, Ashley and Linda to set one up; then they can use their own email address for this blog and it will of course be of benefit to them in general.

Finally, we also got an outline of an editorial group which would have to consist of those who have easy access to an internet-linked computer on a regular basis (we will get together for the first time at the evaluation session).  At least to start with, this will consist of our stalwart blogger Bob, our hugely capable Rachel, our keen-eyed Ashley, and our imaginative Sheila.  (Have I missed someone out?)  We also have Sarah and Lesa able to assist this group. This group’s task is not at all arduous, it is simply to keep things posted on the blog on a regular basis by as many different people and about as varied a subject as possible.  The idea is they will have a short chat at each Project eARTh session, and one of them will do a post sometime that week (so each of them will only do a post once a month) – and this can be a very short post or even just a picture post.  They will also suggest and chase up others to do posts, by:
1. seeing who has not posted things on the blog for some time, and
2. seeing what subjects have not been covered that could be interesting for someone to do.
If this can happen then we are on to something – wow!!

Good luck to you all, it has been a pleasure and a humbling privilege to work with you. (And I’ll be keeping an eye out on this blog too).


2 thoughts on “Tenth session – but did we get a final score?

    • Thanks for you comment Bob, I have enjoyed working with you all, special as you all are, and extra pleased at how you yourself have really got into the flow of it. Well, lets see if this can be continued via the ‘editorial’ group in some way, usually 50:50 chance of it doing so but my fingers are crossed… all the best mate!

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