Ninth session with Torrs Hydro!!

A slight change of scene took place on the session on 7th February 2013, when Jan Szechi from the ground-breaking Torrs Hydro project came to visit and allow herself to be interviewed for the blog.

We began the session by looking at the blog and the nice range of work that it has accumulated.  We now have humour, memories, pets, trains, interviews, photography from the internet as well as original photography by ourselves, video embedded in our posts from YouTube and also video filmed by ourselves.  There is now a “FEATURED” menu item for all those posts that are slightly special – they have been worked on a fair amount, or are particularly striking for some reason or other (eg. particularly funny!).

One thing we have less of is items related to news, and Ashley made a good contribution to that with his video interview about HS2 trains, and at this last session we were able to begin by listening to Jan talk to us about Torrs Hydro and make some mental notes to prepare to ask questions about what she said.  We then put up the camera on a tripod as close as possible to her (for reasonable sound quality) without putting her off, then Rachel and Ashley asked questions from the group to her while she was being filmed.  What’s Torrs Hydro?  Watch our interview and find out!!

At midday Jan then invited anyone to go to Torrs Hydro with her and take a look with cameras as well so that a good report could be achieved, and three of us did get down there and came back with great footage – to be uploaded next week!  While this was happening the others either got more friendly with the internet (such as Kathleen looking at dogs) or worked on draft posts to be finished next week (such as Rachel developing a post about past project eARTh activities).  Next is our last session and therefore needing plenty of tying up loose ends and putting in the remaining photos and videos etc – both a “wow” and a “phew”…


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