Eighth workshop session or was it a film set?

Well, as the title suggests the session on Thurs 31st January 2013 ended up with some video filming taking place.  However, starting at the beginning, the group looked at the posts done so far and we reviewed the way we can add categories to be able to make the menu useable and the blog nicer for visitors.  I also suggested adding a FEATURED menu item so that work that had a lot of effort put in to it, or that was particularly striking, would not get lost among the chatter.

We discussed how the blog might continue after the project, the need for a small editorial group, and also Alison suggested the project could always set up two laptops during each workshop in future so that anyone could add more blog posts as and when they liked.

We split into two groups – group 1 were those of us who are still getting friendly with computers and we simply looked at inserting a picture from the media library and adding a simple comment – fun, rewarding, and amazing.  Group 2 were the more advanced level, and we got a short tutorial from Kooj (me) in using basic cameras to film an interview so that it looks and sounds good.  We then did three interviews among ourselves about what Project eARTh activities had been the most interesting or enjoyable, and then a fourth interview with Ashley about a more newsworthy topic – the debate about HS2 trains.  We played them back to all at the end and yes they really came across well.

Finally we all were excited that Kooj (me) had arranged for someone from Torrs Hydro www.torrshydro.org to come to visit us next week to be interviewed! Phew!


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