Seventh session got in with YouTube!

On Thurs 24th January the group was on the small side again, but when we began everyone got into a discussion about the blog and what it was like, the fact that we had followers, and how the humour was a refreshing change.  Plenty of questions as well, such as how do people find our site and how do we know who is following and what their contact details are. Kathleen’s blog post Christmas Memories was very good and deserved a special mention, she had put a lot of work in to this one post, see .  Then we looked at some videos, some of us suggested videos to look at – about New Mills, about music, some people were amazed some of this stuff was available such as an episode of Muffin The Mule from the 1950s!

Finally, we got around to me demonstrating how to put a YouTube video in to a blog post, not as a link but as a video in a box that actually plays from within the blog post. Amazing, but not that hard to do at least for those people a bit more used to computers and the internet.

After all of that it was about 11.45 by the time everyone got on to their computers to look at some YouTube videos and find one that was interesting to put it on their blog post, which took up the rest of the session.  Some of us who were still just beginning with computers did a simple post by inserting a picture and adding a caption, and some really spent some time getting used to using a mouse and clicking on links such as in Google (including image links).

At the end we looked at the posts that people had put up, some were still amazed at how these posts suddenly get on to the internet so easily!  As for the YouTube videos that some of us put into posts, they were great, and one in particular must have been the favourite – the very funny talking guinea pig chosen by Anne and Lesa .

More video next week!


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