Sixth workshop session began to push the bar…!

There were less of us who turned up at the last workshop session on 17th Jan, but everyone worked productively and created some great work. Some time was spent at the start to allow everyone to simply browse the internet, so that those who were less familiar with it would get to see some websites and gain a better idea of what ours was really like and what we could put in it. This also meant that some people got a bit of practice in mouse control and so on – v handy for later.  One thing that was vital was to change the mouse speed to slower for the beginners, this made a huge difference to their ability to work with the computer.

We then reviewed what we have got on the site so far, and what pictures we have got. There are a lot of photos that have not been used yet. Then most people finished off posts and added photos to posts, and also used photos as new posts with just a caption under them. A few others led by Sheila then set up a simple photo studio with a black backdrop and some lights, and took a few portrait photos which looked great – can’t wait to see how they get put into the blog next week!


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