Campervan Freedom! An interview…

DSC00594 Life changing moments – lisa’s interview with anne last week, when internet was down.

1. Tell me what it is that you want to talk about and what its about or what’s going on?

The way my life would change the moment i buy this campervan.

2. How do you feel about it and what do you get from it?

Freedom to go away with my dogs and take my home with me, wherever and whenever i want, without having to bother about timetables or packed lunches and flasks and where the public toilets are and what time they open, somewhere to sleep which accepts dogs or having to find someone to mind them. Then i would just just keep driving and finding new and interesting places and only stop when i reached  the sea and maybe not even then, provided there was a ferry of course.

3. Why did this happen?

Due to a mid life crisis as i have wanted to have one since i was 40 ,but I was a late starter and had 2 young children then and no money and couldn’t drive. and then suddenly  they were grown up and gone and on the way to their own midlife crises.So after a few more years, i am now finally able to have a full blown midlife crises and go completely off the rails and behave in an extremely inappropriate way for a woman of my age

4. What would you like to see happen?

A lot of thought and planning has gone into this midlife crisis Unacceptably short skirts and an affair with a toyboy will not suffice, although i’m open to offers – possibly several toyboys as long as they’re under 70, also i may go back to miniskirts once my arthritis stops playing up and i can cast away my thermal underwear along with my dignity(thermals are bigger than my dignity and I’m not a big woman). This might happen one day in July or possibly August  or possibly never, unless i go abroad.

Yes I”ll be Queen of the Road, footsore and fancy free. The footsore bit? I’m a rebel in the slow-lane, a queen of the road who can”t drive, a traveller without a passport, But I Have got a massive asset , a very vivid imagination and travel in my mind.


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