Fifth session was quite photogenic!!

Well, on 10th January 2013 it was set to be a start with a bang – but we got the wrong kind of bang with absolutely NO internet working in the building.  This meant my carefully laid plans (everyone to explore the internet to be able to ‘get’ what this project is really about; reviewing our blog so far and deciding what we want to add to it and where it could go; adding photos from the last session; etc etc) had to be scrambled.  Aaagh!!  I must say this has never happened on any internet project I have ever done, but there you go – there’s always a first time.

Well, we decided to do a session on photography, since we did not need the internet for this.  But FIRST I went through a load of possible alternative titles for the blog that I knew were available. They were: Talkpeak, Peaktalk, Ourpeak, Peakabout, Peakpeople, Peakdoodle, Peaklog, Truepeak, Peaksided, Justapeak, Thepeakgang, Thepeakcrew, Peakupstarts, Rarepeak, Peakable .  We had a fun voting session with these, and the winner was “peakabout” so that will be the next site that this blog is going to be transferred to.

I did a slightly more in-depth talk and demonstration about photography for everyone, and then everyone went off to take portraits and other shots to use on the blog for next week; some people also did interviews of each other to go with the picture.  The photographs were pretty good!  Kathleen was the only one who remembered to bring in an object after the long winter break – decorations from a Christmas tree from about 1954 which she has carefully kept!!! Wow!  She managed to finish typing her text to a word document ready to transfer to the blog next week.

So, roll on next week and lets hope we have internet!!


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