An accidental 23rd December 2012

In 2010 I was in hospital on that date and guess what I was in again in 2012, why well because I had a bad accident on my mobility scooter down in the Church yard of all place’s.

I had gone down there with a wreath for my wife’s grave I left the scooter parked at the top of the Church yard cleaned the grave stayed there for a while then had a walk round the grave yard before going back to my scooter switched on pulled the lever to go forward and took off like a rocket before I knew it I was at the bottom of the Church yard.

It all happened so fast it was untrue I had hit a large kerbstone at the bottom which got me airborne crashed into the Church notice board summersaulted backwards onto the tarmac path with the scooter on top of me. I’m not sure how long I laid there before I could shout for help and it seemed like a lifetime before someone shouted its ok we’re coming don’t panic the people who came said they had heard the crash and looked out of their window but could see nothing. Then after a while they said they could hear shouting came out and found me flat on my back with the scooter on top of me. Luckily for me I knew the people it was Elaine and her son between them they got the scooter off me told me to lie still Elaine phoned for the ambulance then covered me with some blankets.

when it arrived the ambulance man was asking me loads of questions he then told me they were going to put a board underneath me and my head was put in a cage I was strapped down and great care was taken in lifting me onto a stretcher. I was then taken into the ambulance strapped down some more after they had managed to get my coat off me to take my blood pressure. We then set off for Stepping Hill Hospital but we were only going slow and when I asked why I was told that they suspected that I may have broke my back oh smashing I thought.

At Stepping Hill I was booked in put in a cubical a doctor came in straight away and said we are sending you for some x-rays two nurses then took my shoes socks and trousers off me then both armed with a pair of scissors cut the rest of my clothes off me.

a porter then took me down to x-ray where I had six x-rays taken then back up to A&E the doctor came back and said he was sorry but the x-rays weren’t clear enough to say if I had any broken bones or not, and that I would have to go back down and have some more taken.

Back at A&E this time I was met by two doctors and both of them were not happy with the x-rays so they said that they would get some nurses and try to turn me onto my side slightly so that they could feel my back. So with three nurses on one side one and the two doctors on the other plus one holding the cage that my head was in I was told not to move they would do all the lifting.

And so began the lift I was told to shout if the pain got worse it did hurt but I stuck it out in the hope that they would find out what was wrong. After some prodding and poking they decided that I was very lucky and there didn’t seem to be anything broke but I would be in pain for quite a while, they weren’t wrong about that I was still in pain on new years eve and in fact had the doctor out on the 28th because I had got flu and every time I coughed it nearly killed me.

The doctor said I had a high temperature but could not see any bruises on my back and my ribs seemed ok so he said I think the bruising must be internal and that I had been very lucky, he then gave me some antibiotics which I finished on the 3rd of January.

My back still hurts but no where near as bad as it was I’m glad to say as for my scooter well luckily it only had some slight damage to it but it would not drive it seems that when I put it in gear it bypassed the motor and just went down the path at great speed. Which explained why I could not do anything with it my son-in-law Shaun has had a look at it and found that water had got into the controls so he dried it out spayed everywhere with W D 40 and that seems to have done the trick but I’m sending it in for a service and will tell them what happened to me.

The best bit was when Jennifer came down to the hospital to get me she said you’ve got my dad in here she was asked what my name was she told them Robert Barton she was then asked for more details when asked what they said do you know how old he is Jen told them they then wanted to no my address by this time Jen was beginning to panic.

Why do you want to know all this she asked whats wrong with my dad she was then told that they had a problem because there were two Robert Barton s in A&E at the moment.

hope to see you all on the 10th tinker44


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