Fourth session was great!

Finally we are getting a session with a buzz on December 13th! This session was postponed from Dec 6th because I had an totally abominable cold, and so everyone had forgotten to bring their special object with them.  This meant we couldn’t do the exercise I had planned, but in fact there was plenty to do.  By now there were no more clunky registering accounts to do, and everybody was just about used to what we are doing to slot in and at least feel reasonably comfortable.

We began with looking at the posts since last time, and at the way the menus and categories work.  There was also a new header image made from photographs taken last session, it looked great!  Then there was time to let everyone finish off some of their posts from last week, including now being able to add any of the photos that we wanted to by making everyone editors for now.  This took more time than I thought, and Kathleen in fact spent the whole session typing a long but worthwhile story with it still not complete at the end.

IMG_0182Then finally some photographs were taken, after an introduction of quick points about how to take them. For example, Ashley took some photos of a great book on trains, and Rachel and Maxine took a good number of photos out doors – some great angles here (the photo above was one of them).  These were uploaded and ready for use on the blog next week as we ran out of time.

Its getting there!! Also we have got to a good stage before the winter break.  ONWARDS TO 2013!


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