The hen run

I did mention in my last post that I would tell you about our hens my dad had quite a large field at the back of our house. I’m not sure how many hens we had but it was quite a few plus the cockerel from hell by that I mean every time you went into the hen run he would attack you. I remember one day going in the field with a jam buttie  (or a sandwich if your posh) and the dam thing chased me all over the place until I threw it at him.                     On our ration books it was stamped PK  this told the shop keeper that we kept hens and weren’t entitled to have eggs but it didn’t matter because we had more than enough eggs. My dad came home one day with some ducks he told me that I could have them if I looked after them.                                                                                                                           We had a stream running though the field so we built a dam to make a pond for them trouble was my dad didn’t tell me that he was going to kill them for Christmas I cried my eyes out over them but what made it worse he said we were having one for Christmas ourselves but there was no way I was eating the poor little devil.                                            I mean I looked after them ducks day in day out fed them cleaned their hut out every week kept the pond cleaned out made sure it didn’t get blocked up and flood the field then this happens. And as far as I know I’ve never  eaten duck but then again you never know for sure what your eating when you have a curry do you.                                                          So for me it will be turkey at my daughters this Christmas as usual speaking of Christmas its only fifteen days away and last post for second class is eighteenth of December first class twentieth of December.

Merry Christmas bye for now.


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