born and bred

Yes I was born and bred at South View Stubbins Lane Chinley on may the 11th 1944 our house was an odd one it has to be said it was two storeys high at the front one at the back but there was an attic bedroom above it all.The first floor at the front was just a cellar that my dad used as a workshop second floor at the front was mum and dads bedroom while the attic was where my brother and I slept.

The room at the back was the living room it had one small window that looked out side and another one that looked out into a passage way, the back door of the living room led out into this passage and half way down was the pantry which was locked and further down was the kitchen also locked they had to be locked because they were outside. And I remember that we quite often had to put a coat on to go for breakfast before setting off for school my dad also had a shovel at the back door so he could dig a pathway if it had snowed in the night.

There were two more doors in the living room one went down into the cellar the other into mum and dads bedroom and my brother and I had to go through their bedroom to go upstairs to the attic bedroom. It was a strange house but it was home and I loved it in the pantry there was a big stone slab for keeping things cool a meat safe and shelves for other things like tinned food etc. The kitchen was about ten foot square with table chairs gas cooker a stove and a slop-stone sink which was about three foot long two foot wide and two inches deep we had no hot water everything was boiled in a big cast iron kettle mum used to boil it time and again to do the washing then the water was ladled out of the dolly tub into a tin bath so that my brother and I could have a bath with washing powder dolly blue the lot.

As for the toilet well that was half way across the back yard my dad white washed it every so often to make it look posh you had to take a box of matches with you to light the candle then at the far end of the yard was the coal house a big two story building. My dad always told us never to go up to the second floor as it was unsafe but we spent hours up there when they were out it was our den our hiding place. Back in the house well we had no electricity only a gas light in each room and if the light went out you had to put a shilling in and relight it the fireplace was a big black range with an oven and we had t black lead it for spending money.

We had a wireless that ran off batteries and an accumulator that we had to take to the local barber to change when it was flat that used to cost sixpence. i well remember listening to the Archers Journey into space the news and many more  in nineteen fifty three we were invited to a neighbours house to watch the coronation on a nine inch television I remember it had a big magnifying glass in front of it to make it look bigger oh what happy days they were.

It wasn’t long after that the landlord had electric put in our house and we had a geezer over the sink in the kitchen hot water for a wash wow how lucky we thought we were mum was always saying have you seen the tide mark behind your ears well try as I might I never could see behind my ears my brother used to say he’d only seen the tide at the seaside. Then when I was fourteen we had to leave that house because the landlord wanted it for someone else they could do that to you in those days but in a way he did us a favour because we got a council house with a bathroom and inside toilet, the only thing was my dad had to get rid of his hens I’ll tell you about them another time.

Watch this space bye for now.


1 thought on “born and bred

  1. this is v interesting – makes me wonder if people were happier back in the days when we had less, and all our mod-cons and consumerism does not make us happier at all.
    (PS. pls can you change your email address to your real one – you’ll find it in your personal settings from the dashboard on the left)

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