Third session got us moving!

IMG_0164The third session on Thurs 29th Nov finally moved away from registering people as blog authors, doing test posts, etc., and got on to creating interesting posts and gave a chance for everyone to interact with each other because we focused on interviews. Some new people turned up as well, but rather than register them on the blog from scratch I thought we had enough people who can log in to be able to get posts up and we could work in small groups of three at most.

I suggested that each group (next to each laptop computer) choose someone happy to be interviewed, and that person would choose a subject or piece of news, or something they have seen (like a film…) or an incident or memory or whatever.  The other person/s would interview that person about it, using an interview sheet form that I gave out, and someone would take a photo of that person to go with the post.

Gillian and Gill (new to this activity) did their first post; Bob did an interesting one on Vietnam; Sheila and Linda did a nice interview of Ashley about trains; and Rachel did an amazing and very moving must-read interview with Beverly. That’s four posts, and another three were saved as drafts – including Kathleen doing one of her own about Christmas and Peter with Anthony having technical issues with the post on greenhouses and the weather.  Fantastic work!! One issue with inserting photos into the blog did not get solved out but we will have that sorted next week.

It was also great to see mellowmax and tinker44 adding more posts since that last session – I hope mellowmax makes it to our next session as she was absent at the last one.

This post is written nearly a week after the session because I had a lot on including my computer crashed, so I am recalling the activities a while later – not so good as if I had typed this the next day but there you go.


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