Interview – Ashley Talking About Trains


Ask Ashley when he fell in love with trains and he will say the day he was born.

Why trains?  Its a family tradition that needed little encouragement.  Like all little boys he loved the speed, excitement and engineering.  Now at 27 he is a mind of information answering any question with ease.  Ashley likes the tradition and history of steam trains, the latest advances in modern trains.

His favorite train journey so far is the Pendolino 390, Manchester to London, this train tilts round corners to allow it to travel at high speed and passenger comfort (see picture above).  In the future he would like to travel on Euro-star to be able to say he has been under the sea.  He assures us it is safe.  A lot of engineering work has been done since the fire so it is extremely safe now.  Second on the list is the Glacier Express, the slowest express in the world but the scenery is fantastic and to cope with the mountains it goes through spiral tunnels, gradually climbing.

Ashley has a collection of model trains and plans to create a model railway.

Sheila and Linda


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