Mondays Weather

I took Crosby and Molly out this morning and was surprised how mild it was for November but alas it didn’t, last it wasn’t long before the rain was back and the sky had gone from bright to dull. It’s two thirty in the afternoon and here I am sat writing this with the light on the dogs are fast asleep and apart from Crosby snoring everywhere seems so quiet and still. As a retied Hgv driver I have seen floods up and down the country over the years and my heart goes out to those poor people who are suffering at the moment with them.

Bye for now.


1 thought on “Mondays Weather

  1. hello there tinker44,i hope that you have all recovered from your soggy walkies.i meant to post to you before now coz i love the picture of crosby that you posted,he is really cute,how old is he?what sort of doggy is molly?
    fortunately my house is up a hill and my town isn’t directly affected by the floods,but i have seen the problems of others on the news and like you i really do feel for them,it must be so horrible and so anger provoking when the so called flood defenses make the problem heart goes out to everybody affected.
    my boys are saying a big woof out to all of their friends and potential new friends xx

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