Second session completed…

Yesterday (Nov 22nd) quite a few people were ill so there were less of us, but we managed to complete everyone getting registered and logged to the blog, and everyone did a post either of their own or with someone else.  We used text and ALSO an image from the internet for each post.

The blog suddenly looks really lively even though many of the posts were just test posts. Finding an image on the internet, or doing a Google search of any kind, was new to quite a few people so this was great that everyone had a go.  Some people were amazed at how fast Google can find literally millions of images on the internet (over a trillion christmas trees in a quarter of a second!).  Even so, I think the session may have been slow for some people, and I’ll try and sort that out next week now that the registration stuff is out of the way.

Amazingly enough, that evening I looked at the blog and I noticed that tinker44 and mellowmax (you know who you are) had put up more posts after the session.  Fantastic! In fact, they had uploaded some of their own photographs – well done for working out how to do that!  I can’t wait to show the rest of the group next week.

I am wondering how to do the next session, I want everyone to do something that’s right for their level and pace, and also I wonder if those who are already more confident could use their skills together with those that are less confident… hmm, I am sure I will have hatched a plan before the next session.  One thing is for sure, we need to get everyone working on their own ideas, thoughts, creativity, etc, but I need a way of getting everyone started with this.  Watch this space!!


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