Welcome to Peak-a-Boo!

We are just starting out on creating a website and blog.  We are a local group that meets at Springbank Centre, New Mills, UK to do creative activities. Some have not really used computers before, and we have Kooj Chuhan (me) who is running training workshops for the rest of us who will hopefully help us get this going.  This project is organised and supported by High Peak Community Arts.

Early days yet – the first session was yesterday, Thursday 15th Nov 2012, when we had a lot of technical problems but at least got as far as getting everyone registered to be an author on the blog.

The group also came up with the name for the blog, “Peak-a-Booo“, where “Booo” had to be spelt with three o’s instead of two because someone else already has used the same name with two o’s (“Boo”).  I just hope people don’t go to that blog instead of ours by accident!  I just found out its a chinese student’s diary from mid-2009 to late 2010, but its no longer used.

A lot of people also typed their first blog post, but due to some technology issues they couldn’t get posted up which nearly got me to tear my hair out (and I haven’t got that much of it any more), but next week it will take off!  YEAH!!

(In fact after the session, Kooj did a load of testing and in the end worked out the instant-post problem was just that the version of Internet Explorer was simply too old, because it then worked fine with Google Chrome or Firefox 11, and the dashboard method of posting seems to work with any browser.  Damn! If only I’d known that during the workshop!)


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